January 24th, 2014

…I know, never thought you’d be reading my blog. And if you did, then congrats, you knew I would succumb to peer pressure from EVERYONE around me…and also my mom. Also, if you’re actually reading this…I’m really surprised…please…only read this if you’re dying of boredom or if you’re my grandparents (HI YOU GUYS).

Well, in just two days I’m off to live in Europe for four months. I just finished cramming every possible item of clothing into my bulging suitcase and I feel ready to go! In all seriousness, I’m fully aware these next four months might be some of the most challenging, painful, and difficult times of my life. The thing is, I’m also optimistic in believing that the next four months will be life changing.

Studying abroad is something that I’ve always wanted to experience. It was even a factor in where I would attend college. I’m extremely grateful and proud to be a student at Drake University and so happy to have such a supportive (and slightly neurotic) family to back me in my travels. As for my friends, they make up everything I am. So, I’m quite surprised that I’m doing this by myself. Then again, I probably wouldn’t have the courage to go alone without the undying support from my friends back home.

So, here I come Prague. ’bout to show all these Europeans whazzzup!